Camera that did not shoot after purchase in February 2016 · EDIXA PRISMAFLEX LTL main unit
This model was made in Germany from 1968.

I liked the design of this camera looking at the image of the auction.
In the explanation of the seller, I knew that there was light leakage due to deterioration of the black light-blocking sponge of the camera back door plate.
There is no problem with the shutter curtain.
I searched M42 screw mount lens at the net auction and bought 3 lenses for 3 years.
March 2018 I saw YouTube and exchanged myself with a black light blocking sponge.
In addition to the main shooting of wild birds, I took scenery with this camera and submitted a film to the camera shop.
Film cameras give me a stroking and strange feeling until I see prints. This is a real pleasure.
The result is ↓ ↓

Photographer :Kazuki Kadoguchi Prefecture Chiba  JAPAN



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